The Baldwinsville Marching band has competed and performed in Parade and Field competitions throughout the United States.  The ‘Marching Bees’ (consisting of the Band, Drumline and Colorguard) provide an opportunity for growth and enrichment through hard work, discipline and pride. The Marching Band program encourages each student to work toward his/her fullest potential by challenging each member intellectually, physically, and creatively-on and off the field.   

The Marching Bees have three seasons annually: Parade Band, Field Band and the winter season (Indoor Drumline, Winter Guard, Pep band).  The baldwinsville marching band is one the oldest members of the New York state field band conference, joining in 1974.  In that time, baldwinsville has enjoyed many successes, including a performance at the prestigious 88th annual macy's Thanksgiving day parade in 2014.

Membership in the B’ville Marching Band provides a remarkable opportunity to work as a team and also to gain individual recognition.  Students experience leadership, learn discipline, teamwork, cooperation and responsibility, while always engaging in a creative and rewarding activity.  Marching Band is a unique activity in that it blends musicianship, athleticism, visual achievement and quality show design to create an entertaining and musical show presentation.     There is no greater team event than competitive Marching Band.  In the Baldwinsville Marching Band, every single performer is important and critical to the success of the group.

It is hoped that the traits learned in this activity are passed on to future generations of Marching Band members and carried forward in personal endeavors away from the program.