Pep Band Season Review 2015-16, by junior alto saxophone player Evan Biedermann

            This Pep Band season has been one of the most exciting seasons to date!  The season started with some exhilarating hockey games which were chilly yet exciting as the band helped get our teams pumped up at each game.  The band then continued playing at many basketball games, including both boys and girls varsity and even five Syracuse University games!  We all were very excited this year to see SU make it to the Final Four and play the UNC Tar Heels, and this year the Pep Band was able to play at the regular season game between SU and the Heels.  This game was very exciting, but it was nothing compared to the first-ever boys varsity wrestling match that the Pep Band got to perform at! The match was a new experience that every band and audience member really seemed to enjoy.  Finally, the Pep Band finished up its winter season by going on the famous “World Tour” around the district to all of the elementary schools and Durgee Junior High School.  The tour ended a season full of fun and exciting memories with an overwhelming day of rocking-out for screaming children.  Overall, this Pep Band season has been extremely rewarding for everyone involved, and many people got to hear the band play due to performances at new and old venues! 

Indoor Drumline Season Review 2016, by senior percussionist Lucas Butchko

This year, the Baldwinsville Indoor Percussion Ensemble marched their show titled Galactic. Their show told the journey of a crew attempting the historic feat of landing on Mars for the first time in the history of mankind, only five years after the Baldwinsville Marching Band landed on the moon. Along the way, they faced some unexpected troubles, such as encountering a meteor shower. However, with the aid of their cool-headed captain, they made it safely to Mars, and then returned back home. The group began their season in East Irondequoit, then travelling to Hilton the next weekend. After this show, the crew had to take two weeks off to make some crucial repairs to their spacecraft before taking off again in Victor. Only one test flight remained in East Syracuse-Minoa, and then it was time to take the final mission of the season at the New York State Percussion Circuit championships at the Onondaga Community College SRC Arena on April 3rd. The group pulled off their most successful mission of the year, placing eighth overall out of twelve competing percussion ensembles. The Galactic mission is sending off six seniors this year, who will all be missed by the crew, and the legacy they are leaving behind will be remembered for years to come.

Guard Re-Cap 2016-Abby Burak Junior Varsity Guard member

The Baldwinsville Varsity winter guard 2016 show was based on the song ‘Pieces’ by the band RED. The song talks about becoming whole and finding that one element that makes you whole. The song was very relatable with the guard because we always bring each other together.  After 2 months of practice (3 times a week) we were ready for our first show. On January 31st we went to Jordan Elbridge, and we got a score of 61.98. The next weekend we had our spaghetti dinner, where both the JV and Varsity winter guard, as well as the Indoor Drumline performed.  This gave the community a chance to help out our programs and get a chance to see what happens for us during the winter seasons.  After that we went to the East Syracuse show where we got a score of 68.48.  We continued to work hard and ended up making history on February 20th.  There was a WGI regional in Gates Chili, and both JV and Varsity made it into finals!  Varsity ended up finishing 7th with a score of 65.66. The next weekend was our competition at Central Square, where we achieved a score of 72.81.  We were all excited to see the improvements in our show and see how the judges responded. The next weekend we went to Altmar Parish and got a score of 76.72, and we were still improving!   On March 12th all of the parade band kids got together to perform in the Syracuse St. Patrick's Day parade.  This is a very exciting time for the guard because that meant we were all going to be together again, something that means a lot to us. The weekend after was our big trip to the WGI Eastern Championships in New Jersey. We were all very excited because we were never able to do anything like this before, and we got to share it with the Homer senior guard!  After we performed we got to watch world class guards and see what other guards were doing and what we could work up to.  April 2&3rd was our Championship weekend.  The whole guard was nervous to see what would happen, but everyone was very supportive of us.  It was great to see how all of the other guards supported us and were there for us.  Varsity finished the season in 5th place with a score of 79.89. JV placed 2nd, and our Elementary guard finished 1st!  For us it wasn't important what score we achieved or what place we got.  What was important was seeing the support from everyone and becoming even more of a family than ever before.